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Life is a highway, I'm gona ride it....come on and sing the rest with me!!!!! If you don't I will keep singing and no one wants that!!!


Bard Letsinger is a the Senior Pastor of Renegade Church, a new work starting sometime in 2010 in his hometown of Victoria, Texas. Before returning home he attended Phoenix Seminary and Grace School of Theology and then spent two years as the Couples Small Groups Pastor at Fellowship of The Woodlands. Bard is an avid motorcyclist, sports fan, hunter, cook, and jack of all trades. His goal in life is to bring people into a deeper relationship with Christ, but in a contemporary way that reaches a new generation. This blog is just one more method of fulfilling that goal. Bard has been married to his wife Mollie for over 18 years and together they have two children. You can find Bard on Twitter @Bard_Letsinger, on Facebook or by e-mail at .